The end of the Tonopah Astronomical Society.

A group of us started the Tonopah Astronomical Society back in the early part of the century. We started with great enthusiasm  and with, for a small town like Tonopah, a good sized membership. As time went on people moved or dropped out and sometimes we were able to sign up new members but frequently more folks left than folks joined. It has gotten to the point where we no longer have enough active members to continue doing what we want to do. 

It has been a great time. We had star parties at Highland Park, now Harvey Park. Gatherings in the parking lot at Scolari's where we grabbed shoppers as they entered and left the store to show them the wonders of the night sky. Had these events for years and met many great people from here in Tonopah and frequently from other parts of Nevada. We had our annual multi day and night gathering out at the Monte Cristo Mountains called the Central Nevada Star Party. What a hoot.  Not just people from Nevada but most of the western states and through out the country. People from coast to coast came to share the dark skies of central Nevada with us. 

Other astronomy clubs in Nevada are the Las Vegas Astronomical Society and the Astronomical Society of Nevada in the Reno area. Folks from these groups have attended our events for over ten years and I am sure they would be more than pleased to see any of you attend some of their events.


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